About Us

Alunoz always thrives to give the best and the most effective services to the clients.

What Are We All About

Alunoz Technology is the spreading and emerging platform required to design and maintain efficiency with the services and consulting around India.  The services provided by the company are useful to design the appropriate work environment for the clients in any business area. The major focus subsides on IT Consulting, software development, staff augmenting, customer support, school management system, digital marketing, e-commerce system, grocery delivery, complaint management..etc Alunoz always thrives to give the best and the most effective services to the clients.

Learn With Us

We provide authentic and unique kind of knowledge which in turn provides a lot of grip and familiarity of the subject.

Harsha Alugolu
Founder & CEO
Our Vision

Who Are We

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Alunoz Technology Private Limited is a developing online consulting and

training management platform started in 2021 with footprints in India. The company stretched hands all over

the country to satisfy the users who are interested in learning online

courses and certifications for IT consultancy, training, corporate

training, staffing..etc.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Alunoz provides one on one interactions with industry leaders to maintain the essence of knowledge everywhere in the world.

Learn at Your Own Pace

A slow owner, a layman, a fast learner and a good grasper are all treated equally and given proper and equal time to learn new things from us.

Professional Certification

After every service and course, the certification is accepted by top universities and are worth the time the customer puts in.