Staff Augmentation

Improving staff and the quality of technologies required with the additional skillset to the existing staff is called staff augmentation. It is an outsourcing strategy to believe in the education of employees concerning other businesses in the market. The skillset required will escalate the need for the organization in the marketplace.

Dedicated Teams

We at alunoz work dedicatedly for the projects in giving solutions to the clients. The thrive to work for success in a limited time is our only motto.

24/7 Recruitment Process

Alunoz follows a strict end to end recruitment cycle to make long time changes in the company. The employees working inside will give the best work in lesser time.

Save Time

With the services and consulting platform, the clients will easily access the work and also solve their queries with the help of customer support.

Maintain Oversight & Control

Any kind of failure of the technology or the software can be maintained by our platform. The updates will be given to prevent issues for the clients.

What does hiring of talent actually means?

  • SKILL-BASED APPROACH- At Alunoz we hire people with the specialized skill set required for the company and also the people with a hierarchy of priorities in working for the company.

  • GIVING TIME TO LEARN- The employees working will be able to manage and learn every single day for the best outcomes. Though we have a set of rules for day shifts, yet we follow many rules to make our team learn every single day to give out their best.

Staff Augmentation Services

First of all the identifying of need for the project is observed. Then, documenting and finding the problem is acquired. While the work is at a pace the service will help in recruiting candidates for working on the project. Roles and responsibilities, communication. The product’s total quality management and the collaboration for the project are maintained constantly with the recruited staff.